Oculus Rift – BE INSIDE FAMILY GUY! (Virtual Reality Games)

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TheGamingLemon says:

That elevator bit scared the shit outta me:(

Arturs Ganicevs says:

Brandon: your all pussies
Me: well you are what you eat

Sandy Lewicka says:

Pleaseeeeeeeeee guys we all now I love Brandon the most. Calm down he’s

Mr Nopeify says:

The last game was sp00ky as fuck ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

Indigogabriel Zulkarnain says:

most of gaming youtuber is making video for money. But brandon doesn’t. He
record to eintertaint (don’t know how to spell that) people. Nice work

Multisweezy says:

can u please not do that intro again, pls 🙁 stop this

Awkward Amy says:

am I the only one that got more scared by Brandon’s reaction at the end
than actual slenderman…….

gavin forde says:

Brandon is love, Brandon is life

captionspider says:

Farcry 4 with the oculus

DemonDevilKill says:

Lets start a story! One day MessYourself went to the park because…

Lily Ali says:

Stop bragging Sandy ur not his girlfriend

Madam Melisse says:

Oh man, that reaction with slenderman, i had a good laugh, thanks man

Darian Harricharran says:

Brandon!! Where are you from?!

Malen Makerev says:

Just like the G-MOD map that has its elevator….but with 100% more horror

Gonk says:

The forced laughter is tough to digest but clearly he’s aiming for the
kiddie audience and they come as expected.


How can there be 2000 likes if there are only 300 views
0.0 dafuk

unsceene surfar says:

This game looks interesting but I’ve already listened to this guy for 2
minutes and i want to commit some painful sort of suicide 

Jeffer Ddk says:

The layout for the Family Guy house was not right, but still good.

TSKRoblox says:

Thats not saw, thats the shining xD

Puffed Pinky Diamond says:


I played this game once cuzi have oculus rift and i ALMOST break my head se
because i runned out of the room an ifainted o-o

James Gambino says:

Hahaha that was awesome! Love the Family Guy part.

Unaloto Vicente says:

Who also thought that the monkey would be in the closet

Sam Jones says:

Brandon love u <3

Andrew Hahn says:

LOL! i love the last game lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan T says:

Soooo funney 9:58

pootuis poot says:

is this guy derpy?

L. Brady says:

Why are all Oculus Rift reviewers so obnoxious? Is there some sort of
special code or something?

Rasmus Ekman says:

I love that end when the slenderman reached for MessYourself

Remi Chan says:

I was screaming on the last one. I’m a scaredy cat.

Heather Lee says:


Cat Whisperer says:

the last part was funny cuz it actually looked like brandon got grabbed in
real life XD

RakxBa ba says:

I was laughing my fucking lungs out at the end!!! XD

Ian Chin says:

fucking pussy

MrPijus123 says:

I have arachnophobia. Its pretty serious. When I see a spider my body stops
responding, everything starts looking weird and I cant move, I just stand
there as a manequin until the spider is killed and burnt. Thank god Im not
living in australia.

JacksonandLizzyForever HorseLovers says:


PSYloco says:

A good way to get views and subs is by unceasingly acting like a complete
spaz. I think you got the hang of this YouTube thing. :)

Minecraftkid11 says:

Ware headphones u can hear what he was hearing right next to him

Timelessunfish _ says:

on 8:59 I shat myself! lol

kidfastback says:

Clearly an unauthorized game

DontPlayWith Blades says:

this guy has downsydrome wtf please die

Basilivan Anthony says:

Can you do more virtual reality hora games?!!!

TCB Support says:

mess yourself i am a very big fan of you

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