Oculus Rift – ASTRONAUT SIMULATOR (Virtual Reality Games)

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Today we go into space with the oculus rift
It would be awesome if we could hit 6,000 likes!
More Oculus Videos: http://tiny.cc/OculusRift

Apollo 11 VR: Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1436197736/the-apollo-11-virtual-reality-experience-education

Couch Knights: http://www.theriftarcade.com/couch-knights-available/

VR Karts: http://theriftarcade.com/market/downloads/vr-karts/
Thumbs up their greenlight 🙂 : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375462903

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MessYourself says:


Harvey Leggett says:

Dear Brandon,



Bob Jones says:

Brandon: Is that a spaceship…
Me: yea
Him: it’s so big
Me: that’s what she said

Jonathan Jaigua says:

Today’s my birthday

All ShocKeD Up says:

Ok, soooo… I’m on a computer and I had earbuds plugged in and started the
video. I didnt know the volume was at 100%… My ears are bleeding.

Sliverghost164 says:

Post this or illuminati will get you.

Alejandro Chavez says:

Post this or illuminati will get you.

Brianna Delgado says:

People were, saying on his far cry world war 2 vid there’s Illuminati on
13:37 what’s tht

Julliana Paulino says:

I watched it before 301+ views! Yay! Hahaha

The Haggis Diaries says:

Hello Brandon… Will u have my babys

Robloxxer says:

I hope you understand some words german…Ich muss sagen GEIL GEIL GEIL ich
liebe deine Art und deine Art Videos zu schneiden :)

MayoPie says:


falcon lover says:


Xavier Thompson says:

F you how you get games f you mom and dad

Bob Jones says:

301 views but 504 likes. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…. 

Sammuel howard says:

-messyourself “Its so big!’ THATS WHAT SHE SAAAAAIIIIID

LookwhatICanDo | Fifa, GTA V AND MORE says:

Have you played muddy heights??

X-Swifty-X says:

I don’t know what I’m doing here, can someone tell me?

Filippos Constantinou says:

Walk in space to really cry…

EBHD - Elite Bladez HD says:

You’re such a ninny Brandon ^_^

don flora says:

And this is why Brandon shouldn’t be a astronaut

Yodaskool says:

Play KSP.

Andreas Georgiadis says:

is it just me or does this guy look ALOT like Vince Vaughn?

Arinna Harris says:

Well that was short

Blue Diamond19 says:

wowie! 😀 #MessYourself Where can I get that thing?!? I need it … now!!
😀 I wonder if there is some game like sword art online?

Brendin J says:

Please make more Dying Light episodes

Rip Crap says:

I messed my self ;c
EDIT: What’s the music?

Eduardo Mendez says:

That’s awesome I was hoping they make something like this,this is gonna be
the most real thing on it.

Sam Bass says:

Like if in Illuminati 

LikeMoments says:

Awesome!!! The soundtrack of this space game is made by thesecession. I
listen to this music to fall asleep. 😀 I love his music! *-* He’s awesome,
check him out :3

Annie Leonhardt says:

I’m glad you’re having fun and doing what you want with youtube. :)

alex bauer says:

I wonder if he can drink 

deivy cabrera says:

haven’t you guys herd about the new oculus rift that’s coming out soon 

isak suchoy says:

you are the youtuber EVER! you always make me Laugh THX! 

EchoGamer_ says:


Sarcastic Gamer says:

Please get the full game Brandon that was cool

motocross dude229 says:

presedent kenny would be proud only if he was not shot in 1963

Danny QOEE says:

Somebody should start a Kickstarter to send Brandon to space!!!!! (If
nobody else does I will)

Darkstar says:

that was the goddamn slickest giggityafter 1969

Kinga Gozdz says:

I liked the space one the most

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