Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review @martianwatches #smartwatch #wearabletech

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Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review
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Ben Melling says:

It is a really nice smartwatch. Most of them are. It is just annoying that
barely any of them support windows phone. I hope microsoft release one this
year. I would love one for Christmas. 

Simon Cadel says:

Would you recommend this over the pebble steel?

jamaicaboy says:

Very nice watch.

Geekanoids says:

Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review @martianwatches #smartwatch #wearabletech

deans6571 says:

Cool watch – you have some seriously hairy arms!!!!

Dave Cryer says:

Well worth checking out … Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review #smartwatch
#wearabletech Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review @martianwatches
#smartwatch #wearabletech

Jacob Rathjen says:

This is a stealthy smartwatch, you’d never know someone was wearing one
unless you looked real close :P

chintan vithlani says:

You must record at 30p or 30 frames per second to eliminate flicker. Your
cameras shutter is rolling at a relatively faster speed and hence the

Dolfandad79 says:

Cool watch Dave but I just don’t really see the use of this. So it vibrates
when you get a text message, so does your phone. either way you have to get
your phone out. It seems like all it does it tell you when you need to get
your phone out. Is that worth the money?

Like the information sidebar in this video, unobtrusive but informative.
Keep up the good work as always. 

Darren Gator says:

Cool watch. Styling is elegant, the screen is nicely hidden and not a lot
of useless options. I like it. Great video Dave.

Michael Nguyen says:

Pretty cool watch, I would buy this over the Pebble/LG/Samsung watch any

Lee Bennett says:

Liking this watch, but still think i’ll wait for a while to see what
happens in the Google Wear scene first.

Afonso Santos says:

Martian Notifier smartwatch review

bellathedog2 says:

Great watch and review ! Getting one with an orange strap ? ;)

Cristian Chieregati says:

Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review @martianwatches #smartwatch #wearabletech

Dave Cryer says:

If you ever feel that a smartwatch is too intrusive, then this might be of
interest. My favourite smartwatch of 2014 so far … Martian Notifier
Smartwatch Review #smartwatch #wearabletech Martian Notifier Smartwatch
Review @martianwatches #smartwatch #wearabletech #smartwatch #wearabletech

greengrass494 says:

Thanks Dave looks really cool.

simezra says:

really cool watch !

Dave Cryer says:

Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review #smartwatch #wearabletech Martian
Notifier Smartwatch Review @martianwatches #smartwatch #wearabletech +Martian
Smart Watches 

TheGreenday240 says:


Bernd Recker says:

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