FitBit Charge Unboxing – Wearable Tech For Health & Fitness

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Unboxing the FitBit Charge. A wearable tech band for health and fitness. It can track your steps, calories and many other movements. You can watch the full FitBit Charge review below.

FitBit Charge Review – Coming Soon
FitBit Charge Price, Review and Specs
FitBit Flex Review

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Trenton Hillard says:

How do you set up caller ID??????

lisalin says:

Great review! Very informative and helpful. I have the fitbit flex and
watched your review of that product first which led me to this video

Christopher Tinker says:

Hey Dan can you help me? When ever I go on to my yahoo mail on my iPhone, I
am always getting a message saying the connection to the server has failed.
And I have to delete the account and save it again for it to stop but after
a few days it starts again. Thanks Chris! 🙂 (sorry this isn’t related to
your video) 

BokiSmokiToki says:

Does it have a 24 hour clock?

No Names says:

May I suggest: don’t do unboxings: they are incomplete. Do reviews instead
and include essential info from unboxings there.

Phyankord says:

so so far does it seem to be any better/worse than the fitbit force or

DHTV - Dan says:

Get fit for 2015 with the FitBit Charge! This fitness band can help you get

NY indigo says:

I think I’m a size Small. just for reference would you mind telling us how
many inches does your wrist measure? thanks !

jaydenkim0 says:

is this a new model? where did u get it?

brittany oleman says:


NY indigo says:

I’m waiting for the Charge HR…. 

KelseygTV says:

Can you try out the jawbone tracker? 

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