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Elephone W1 Smart Bracelet / Watch Review Test – Wearable Technology – For the ladies only? 😉

From http://www.coolicool.com
About the bracelet: http://tinyurl.com/lvsunmf

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MT6260 – G-Sensor
Supports Bluetooth 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0
0.49 inch OLED display – 64×32 dots
180mAh battery
weight: 60g

Read phone’s phone book – make calls
Call history
Messaging (SMS)
Remote notifications
Anti lost feature
Find / page phone
Sleep monitor ????
Remote camera picture taking
Alarm, time zone, different languages.
Check on http://www.elephone.hk/w1.html

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mayiandjay says:

Hahaha, Lol! Funny as hell!!

justlive4themoment says:

Very nice!! Keep on the good work!!! :)

sagacity lust says:

is this non-cratch and can it support bluetooth 4.0?

Dominique Emond says:

Colonel Zap,

I have the Elephone W1 , and a Nexus 5.

When they are connected, there is an icon for the BT Notification app in
the Notification area of my phone (top).

When it is running, everything… phone calls, texts come in etc.

After a while, if I receive a phone call, sometimes it (bracelet) won’t
answer, or it answers and I can hear the other person, but they cannot hear

If I turn off my phone’s blue tooth, and turn it back on…. my watch
reconnects, and restarts BT Notification, and stuff works again.

Have you noticed something similar?

Also, have you tried different Setting > Profiles (General, Silent,
Meeting, Outdoor) ?
Depending on the setting… sometimes I can receive a phone call and talk,
in Meeting for example, I cannot seem to answer a call. But general and
Outdoors is fine (Not sure about Silent)


johannes stoppels says:

Hay there i purchased one of these after your review although the buttons
appear to defective it wont turn off and you cant chance the functions any
can these be opened up to fix or are they one unit.. most disappointing is
it not

hear back shortly
appreciate feedback 

xSnowyCatx says:

The Dress suits you well :3

Brotherj22 Stops says:

I was thinking that good on you men, because I can get one myself because I
think they looked just as good on the men as they do on a woman, in fact it
looks quite muscular non-you as opposed to feminine. Kindly tell me will
this also appear with the Galaxy S3 if so I’ll be another bloke wearing one

Hear back shortly dude

Warm regards your highness

brave edy says:

holy moly u kinda scary me with that wig on :))))))))))) 

morti says:

nice camo, but goatee gave you up

roche julien says:

Ho my god you just kill me lol !!! 

TDVRChannel says:

Hahaha :’) Great!

ilyasovich says:

Thanks for the test, I have a question about this bracelet, can it control
the music player?

omarussmaster96 says:

Great video :D, I’m so excited for the new Xiaomi mi4, finally is here 😀
and great dress lol

Epicreator15 says:

Hey Zap! Great vid! Can you consider unboxing/reviewing the THL 5000? It
has overall great specs. Mainly it has a 5000 BATTERY! Thanks :D

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