CES 2014: What to expect – Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Round, Wearable tech and more

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All the latest news, gossip and rumours coming out of this year’s biggest tech show, CES 2014.
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Ac1dR3FL3X says:

Hoping to see Oculus in at least 1080p, ready to play on just about any PC

Michael Tiedtke says:

OLED for the masses! 😀 

Xavier Low says:

Sony xperia z2

Adhi Suryana says:

Xperia Z2 or Z1s and..
Of course Xperia tablet Z1

1MRCyprus says:

Samsung Galaxy S5,

Erion Jaho says:

oculus rift at 1440p resolution

Kegan Fisher says:

Sony’s virtual reality headset? The fact that they are so invested in
gaming I see them sparing no expense to wow us. 

GiygasGaming says:

AMD Kaveri

Lionel Townsend says:

I’d love to see a dual APU mini atx as a console alternative. The ability
to upgrade the APUs every few years would be a good compromise in terms not
price and performance. If case big enough for a discreet GPU and a cute
compacted version too small for discreet GPU would be cool too.

DelbertStinkfester says:

I really really want a holographic girlfriend

Christopher Motz says:

I don’t get the whole smart watch stuff. I haven’t worn a watch in like 7
years. I have a phone for that. 😛 But I guess different strokes and all
that. I want to see oculus rifts new updates. Cheap 4k TVs with HDMI 2.0 at
consumer prices. God knows the world is broke. I can’t wait to hear about
Asus’s new ROG monitors. Hopefully we get 1440p at 144hz on an IPS display.
But I doubt that will happen. 😛 I would like to hear about OLED even
though nothing ever comes of it. 

Nathaniel William Philip says:

lol at the Xperia Z2 comments.. The Xperia Z1 isn’t even close to 6 months

hunyango says:

Galaxy s5 will not be there. Samsung wants to have its own cheesy show
about their own flagship.

PartyLasVegasVIP says:

great video guys! :-D

Carlos87836 says:

When is the s5 coming out?

yukido asuna says:

smart watches…..pipboy in the making!

Olivier Quetel says:

I don’t understand. The Galaxy s5 will be flexible ?

ThrottleJock3y says:


Troy Capp says:

Second-generation Samsung gear watch

Aman SA says:

Everyone is copying apple with the 64 bit chip 

kristian123ish says:

4K video camera that is very affordable to consumers!!!! :D

Jakob Tresch says:

Sony Xperia Z2

Gao Hank says:


LightningCloud says:

I’m getting the S5

hamza el alami says:

battery life sucks!!

Oliver Cake says:

A handheld xbox one

Tan De Jun says:

Btw, galaxy S5 will not appear on CES. For sure. 

Pramit Bhusal says:


Fryderyk Vereecke says:

I want Samsung Galaxy S5

Ollie Parkinson says:

Sweat powered tv

christophe bolduc says:

Sony smartwatch 3!!!!

Srujana Chavala says:

u missed about wrist bands

Dennis Carlin says:

Something new from LG.
PS. Love My LG G2, best phone ever!!!

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