Wearable Survival Kit EDC Wazoo Survival Bracelet Review- School of Self Reliance

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School of Self Reliance reviews a Wazoo Survival Gear Minimalist paracord bracelet, but this is not your ordinary paracord bracelet- this specific product contains a feral rod), a survival whistle, fishing line (can also use for snares, traps, and suturing wounds), a needle, 2 fishing hooks, plastic tube (drinking straw), a metal tab (for signal flashing or sharpened for cutting or striking the feral rod)) and much more! You can purchase this Minimalist bracelet for $37.00 plus shipping at the Wazoo Survival Gear website. You can also purchase alcohol swabs, a mini-ceramic blade, ranger bands, and handcuff keys, or customize your bracelet in your own size, color, and gear (add-ons cost extra)!
Thanks to Wazoo Survival Gear in Houston, Texas for letting us do a product review of their fine product!
Photos courtesy of the Wazoo Survival Gear website.


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