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Mathieu Riesling says:

CES this year is just a lovely waste of time, overpriced “smart” gadgets no
one wants to buy just companies showing how “clever” they are. Why are we
wasting R&D funding on a smart fork and flower pot and fridge magnet?
Please humanity smarten up make something that’s actually useful and for
people who don’t have a million dollars on a roll of toilet paper.

myHassleFreeHome says:

A gadget that will water your plants and other fun home gadgets

Deb Evans says:

A gadget that will water your plants and other fun home gadgets

InfinityNation100 says:

Wifi Kettle? fucking stupid….., when they were thinking of
something to make did someome draw kettle and another drew wifi and they
were the only ones without partners Defuq?

Jaffari Masagazi says:

Useless to me.may be when I am like 70 years old. As humans we are starting
to depend on technology too much. In the long run turning into lazy f££KS.

SmileMoore says:

Nigga why the fuck would I want to spend 250$ on a fucking piece of plastic
to make me calm down, Fucking piece of plastic, why the fuck would I buy
that that. Oh wait…

sahalanimation says:

why the fuck would you need a wifi on a fucking kettle?

FullJoshExperience says:

This stuff is just gonna make us become more lazy

Prince Vegeta says:

Such lazy tech. Lame.

david charles smith says:

Think about it
What better way for
The powers that be !

Let them have…
Smart everything in their homes!
Then we can remote control the Coffee pot , Then send them into the streets
like the living dead.
Into our waiting FEM buses
With Fresh Coffee and Donuts.
Sony could make a Movie

Ryan Bomar says:

Smart is a stupid word

ahabtheplant says:

My person waters me. Why would she need an app? The woman invented the term
couch potato. I’m the only exercise she gets!

roxcyn says:

I think the last one would only be useful. They already have timer coffee


Most of it is useless crap

mpagliaricci says:

what is the soundtrack title?

Sidney 裴 says:

iot is here

Adam Countee says:

The newest gadgets from CES 2015 that could soon …:

FullJoshExperience says:

Um wut?

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