Tested In-Depth: Android Wear LG G Watch

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Will and Norm sit down to discuss Google’s Android Wear platform, testing the new LG G Watch, and compare Google’s smart watch to our experience living with the Pebble Steel watch. Here’s why we think smart watches have the potential to be really useful accessories for smartphones.


Jeff Chapman says:

The band is replaceable, and you can elect to disable the “always on” mode
(for that movie theater scenario). Although not designed to look as nice as
the Moto 360, I opted to save $100 and get this watch when it was around
$180 to try out Android Wear. The G’s always on mode is much brighter than
the 360’s. Its battery is also a bit larger, and its processor is more
modern and snappy. Clearly, these are all “1.0” releases. With that in
mind, the G has done something I thought no watch could do – get me to put
down my G-Shock and wear something else.

coffeebuzzz says:

These are not watches. A watch that needs to be charged every few hours, is
useless. These are gimmicks that will be gone as fast as 3D TV.

James Grimwood says:

1.2ghz in a watch…

We live in the future :-)

Michael-Rainabba Richardson says:

Very useful review. Thanks guys!

Fadil Karim says:

My G watch can easily go 2 days without a charge with the screen always on
with moderate use. If I had the screen off, I’m sure I could hit 4 days

Also, Norm seems kinda pissy in the video!

vipmd says:

Not yet. When they get a bit more advanced, yes.

Aiden is all Knowing says:

Smartwatches are one of those things you think are ridiculous and unneeded,
but once you get one you can’t live without it.

Hoverbot1TV says:

When they are the size of my classic Casio calculator watch I may pay real
money for on. Gotta be a laptop at least,

mrcraggle says:

There’s something about smartwatches that seems backwards from where we are
today. We used to wear watches so we could always know the time but phones
pretty much replaced that functionality and we don’t always need to know
the time so taking my phone out of my pocket to check isn’t such a big deal
but as phones have become much more complicated and our lives taken over by
the internet, we now check our phones on a constant basis. Because of this,
we now need to wear a watch again to keep up.

Ants Tech says:

You can change the band on the lg g watch

Jonas Kamp says:

You CAN change the strap on the G watch to any standard 22mm watch strap.
I’ve just done it. The Lollipop update fixed the cinema problem with a
special mode :)

hgallegos915 says:

In the six months that have passed after this video. I think this watch
has come a LONG way. I have barely been using it for 2 days.. yes 2. I
already have a 3rd party watch face, i have a launcher. I use it all the
time when im driving. MUCH easier than pulling the phone out while driving
(which we are not supposed to do anyway). I have facebook messenger and can
reply to messages. Its much move convenient. I have a note 3 and its
awesome but I cant be pulling it out in work all the time. I downloaded a
browser and get a mini version of facebook. this watch is AWESOME. Battery
life. I get over a day with screen off and tap to wake.

Dominic Dymond says:

My gwatch goes for about 2 full days with moderate use. It charges very
fast especially if you use a 2 amp charger in stead of the .850 one that is
supplied. It has excellent standby time and I don’t even turn brightness
down unless I’m in a dark room. It is very useful and don’t see smart
watches going away any time soon. I do see them slimming down and being
better battery life with super small nanometer sons and ulv everything.
Plus amoled displays are coming or better and better. 3d tvs are fading
sure but that’s due to poor implementation.

Peter Hochgraf says:

You guys kept setting my Moto X off during this review.

LoneDeer says:

Stolen Images!

Silweror says:

When the screen goes black and white it’s because AMOLED displays don’t use
back light but each of the pixels emit light. The black pixels are just off
thus saving power

Anthony Pascual says:

Really bad information…mostly inaccurate 

Scope-Eye video says:

I love the concept but they really need to get the battery life up to a
more useful interval IMO.
Basically, one reason I have a watch in the first place is because I can’t
always rely on my phone having a decent level of charge. I have one of the
old Timex Datalink watches – which is great because I can make (very, very
small) custom applications for it, and the watch runs for months before
battery change. So practically speaking, I can always rely on my wristwatch
having power. The watch doesn’t have a lot of capabilities – you can
read/write data via USB, do basic data entry through the dial and buttons,
it can tell time and run custom apps – and that’s about it. No compass, no
GPS, no bluetooth or internet… But as meager as those capabilities are,
it puts them in a very convenient package. As a result, I’ve found the
watch to be very useful. That convenience comes not only from the size and
form factor of the device, but also from the fact that I don’t have to take
any action to keep it running. If I had to change or recharge the batteries
even once a *month* it’d be a much less useful device, because it would
fail me more frequently.
Of course, you can do quite a lot more with one of these “smart-watches”
than you could with my old Timex, and that’s awesome. But to me the
convenience of a wearable computer are mostly negated if it’s not reliable,
and the current crop are too dependent on frequent recharges to be really
reliable. Doubly so since you have to keep *two* devices charged for the
watch to really do its job…
Maybe the more interesting part of all this is what comes next:: these
devices could be the forerunners of truly practical wrist-mounted

pendragon8000 says:

“Google now knows whats important for you, and if you don’t think what
google now thinks is important you can go right to hell” LOL!

MrBernie5136 says:

Just purchased my LG at Verizon for $100 and love it! It does everything I

piprod01 says:

I don’t really get it. It doesn’t really give me much more functionality
than my phone, for about 3/4 of the price. I wear a Casio F-91W. It’s £7,
waterproof, battery last for years, robust strap, has a stopwatch,
backlight., alarm clock, days of the week/month. It’s easily he best thing
I’ve ever bought.

Who the hell cares that much about being buzzed when someone likes your
facebook post? 

Lyricon says:

I would just want a digital, high-quality, circular metal watch
(traditional buttons, stopwatch, tells the time and date at a glance, ect.)
but it pairs to my phone via bluetooth so that I can control music,
synchronize time & date, and *maybe* notifications for texts. It might also
be cool if I could just plug in my headphones directly into my watch with
music streaming from my phone.

Chris Panton says:

The wrist bands can be changed out.

kaihtheloner says:

Why did Norm seem pissed off? I mean, he didn’t even talk to Will properly.
Sensing a lot of negativity 😛

Other than that, great review. I thought of ordering the G watch as it’s
only a 110$ now here in India, but I think I’ll hold off until the G Watch
R is released :)

kstringer24 says:

Jason, I’ve found your images. They’re mostly porn!

MrCharkteeth says:

I can imagine large tablets acting as phones paired with one of these.

Brandon Jensen says:

the wrist bands can be changed out

PencilAndPaperAddict says:

I hate to be a hater, but this channels main annoyance to me is the
presenters. They don’t work well together at all :P

Nick Tsiotinos says:

Just a quick note on muting the watch – by turning off dim mode and muting
the watch – the watch will not light up based on movement.

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

Can’t wait for the moto360 to come out…money in my pocket

Christian Steinlein says:

I’m sorry, but such a watch just screams geek.

gabbate2011 says:

You actually can change out the wristbands.

Joakim Bertil says:

Of course you can replace the wrist band! I did it with a cheap black metal
one from eBay. Standard 22mm.

DriveCancelled says:

I’m waiting for sub $100 and at least a month of battery life.

TrueYears says:

The white guy was a complete jerk to the reviewer. 

Corndog4382 says:

The Moto 360 is by far the best looking, that’s the only one I would buy.

David Olandersson says:

A couple of things:

– You can change the wristband to any other 22 mm band.
– If you mute the watch the “tilt-to-turn-on”-feature do turn off.
– You can download custom watchfaces. However these are a hack today since
Google hasn’t released an official API for that yet.

Sgt Silock says:

Can anyone tell me what phone he was using?


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