Wearable Review: The Basis B1 Watch

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This video is a long-form review on the Basis B1 watch. In this review we walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of this wearable device. Additionally we show you:
1. The Baisis B1 watch hardware and how you can customize it by adding and removing wrist straps
2. The Basis iPhone App and how it works.
3. How you wirelessly sync the Basis B1 wearable with the iPhone
4. How you charge the Basis B1
5. A quick sneak peak at the website and data that is available through MyBasis.com


Alvin Ayvi says:

But no one reveals, has it a silent alarm by vibrating, and how many
vibrating alarms can you set up?

Zafar Ali Khan says:

Still my watch does not sync with my iphone. I am not sure what should I do

Piotr Lewicki says:

As Ay Vi wrote: does it have a silent alarm?
Also: Is it comfortable to sleep with it on your hand?
I’m about to buy this one or Jawbone UP24- Jabwone looks smaller and more
comfortable during a sleep when compared to Basic.

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