Skully Helmets!! Too Much?

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Just my option on Skully Helmets. i lost a lot of respect for them after i found out how much it was going to cost to have one. and what you got for the price.
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6Foot4Honda says:

yup…..huge rip off…

AND they are doing their little pyramid scheme too…get this many friends
to buy it and you get yours free!!!!

AKA send us 8000$ and we will send you a helmet

tuanoful says:


NMdesertracer says:

I think I saw on the site for $30K you get two helmets a prototype and a
new one plus a Free reach around from the CEO!!

Mark Anthony says:

Sammy check out the REEVU.. Its a binocular rear vision system in a
helmet.. No Batteries.

ThereYaGoRookie says:

It’s the first generation model… it’s going to be expensive till they get
their foot in the door with mass production. Give it a few years to filter
down to us budget peeps. Besides, by that time most of the hardware and
software bugs will be worked out thanks to the high class guinea pigs. ^_^ 

Brian Gixxey says:

I just made a video for Skully as well. Although I do agree that the
prices are insane, you have to put it into perspective. Any new product
that hit the market (which has no competitor) is ALWAYS going to be higher
than it should be. I would love to buy one, but I’ll wait another season
when they take the price down. Good video tho man!

Andrew du Toit says:

They should get Elon Musk to manufacture sign and number it. Then I will
pay Normal prices for it.

Michael Michuki says:

Awesome Rant, but yea I have to agree…its like you get another
replacement Kidney with it. too Expensive, but unrivalled products tend to
do that, just wait for the China Man to get his hands on it…hehe

Cristian Alpha says:

No company that doesn’t give any shits about their potential customer base
deserves to sell any product (good or bad) for as much as they are. Their
customer service is probably worse than their communication.

Paul McCloskey says:

New Technology costs, its a bit unfair to throw mud because you don’t like
the cost, don’t like don’t buy.its pretty simple.
do you mind if Yamaha make 50% of the sale of a bike in profit? not too

AGV sell a Helmet for 1000.00 Dollars, is that a ripoff? its jut a Helmet

you sound like a woman scorned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and by the way
where can i get a House for 25K?

you have no idea what you are talking about in regards to Safety. either.
be safe Fanboy

Pedro C says:

Sorry man Skully is screwed, The market will be very small, just wait until
someone in china copies it and sells it for half. I asked a bunch of my
rider friends about it. They liked it but safety is suspect and the price
is a no go.

Marvin Price says:

I doubt very much that you’re the target market. You sound a lot like an
andy (Android user) bitching about the iPhone. Just like I tell them, move
along… no law says you have to buy one. 

perezmaximus says:

wow! what a bunch of crooks. it would be nice to have a HUD in the helmet
but with out the scully rape.

FpsStang says:

One thing I do disagree with you on is that its no safer then the helmet
your wearing. The rear view camra alone makes it much safer then the on
your wearing. There are so many accedents where the rider is hit from
behind sitting at a light or at a stop sign because we dont sit at the
light looking in the mirrors the whole time. It also shows your blind spots
in the camra also making it safer. The say with the camera and your normal
feild of vision you will have a 360° veiw at all times. Having your
navigation, music, and phone screen all on the heads up display is a lot
safer then having your phone mounted to your handlebars and looking down at
it to see whos calling or when your turn is coming. Its also compleatly
voice activated so there is no taking your hands off your bars to adjust
your nav or anwser your phone or change your song making it safer. I do
agree that it is a VERY expensive helmet and some of their options for
preorder are crazy but its no different when any new tech is released,
someone else will make on like it and prices will drop. The electronic
visor is really cool how it goes from clear to tinted by the push of a
button instantly. It will be snell approved also. Sorry for such a long

TheCrankyDuck says:

Helmets have a job to do- keep you alive if you come off. Now I’d like to
know what the shell is made of, what the padding and liner is made of, how
they’re feeding the wires, the padding density, etc etc etc. Having the
playback from the rear could be pretty distracting. Bluetooth tech in
helmets is also old news- Shark did it ages ago. I was quite excited when
it popped up, because it IS a cool concept, but ‘revolution motorcycling’
it really won’t.

Carla Bickhardt says:

Funny shit… no way to f** much

Anglicain says:

Don’t worry mate, this is good news.
When they sellout at that ridiculous price. Other manufacturers will
follow suit and bring in competitive pricing.
They’ll know there is a market for this product

Porfie Moreno says:

Count me out! That’s all folks!!

Almon Poole says:

I’m going to pre-order one. $1,500 bucks for a cooler running helmet for
summer time riding with a rear camera, hud, gps, bluetooth connectivity and
their own siri/google now type of OS instructions. The price is high and
puts it out of reach for a lot of riders but I think it could be worth it.
The alternative would be using some type of existing bluetooth system on a
less costly helmet but I’ve heard mixed reviews on some of those units.

860Riders says:

I can buy my favorite Arai helments and the sena smh 20’s for all of them
with that money. Done and done lol thumbs up!

OiDirk says:

I did the “Explorer” program on Google Glass for $1500 – REALLY not worth
it. Soooo, no way would I get in early on something like that again. I want
to see if the Skully thing takes off – prices will come down.

lexs Nightwood says:

Ceo is a great guy. your assumptions on him and his company are wrong.

187Charrua says:

@4:34 into the video Bahahaha, “yeah fuck you too guy ” . Thanks for
shooting this made my day and I so agree with you I was so done with my
research on this helmet after watching your video. 

Ankit Sharma says:

AH! man! some one else is going to come out with a cheaper version… 

Dylan Hinde says:

To be quite fair.
The technology in holographic displays is still quite expensive.
I mean, the extremely bulky HUD on the A-10C costs around $5,000 alone.

But in all honesty. The helmet is just fucking useless shit.
Great, you can call people! I mean, of course you’re hands free. But you
could pull a hands free phonecall off in a car, because you can be slightly
less attentive. But on a motorbike? You need to be 100% alert ALL the time.
It’s expensive for a reason. They’re obviously not cheap to make in the
first place, they’re not a renowned company so they’re not getting any bulk
discounts, etc.
But the fact remains. I’d never use more than 15% of the technology in that
And at the end of the day. The helmet was intended for safety. Not
recreational enjoyment. It’s there to save your life, not make it

MrPanda415 says:

Its pricey and not for people that buy $200 helmets.

Night runners says:

I just ordered the two rider pack for me and my pal , we split the cost .
can’t wait !!

Nate F says:

Arai helmet in New Zealand can run 1000-1200 bucks this helmet will ship to
my door will be 2k. With all its tech, I think its a fair price. 

empty pockets says:

if it had a built in front facing cam and mic + all the rest of it i’d save
up and give a $1000 flat for it but thats the top for the ar-1 the way it
is $600 tops.

rex dumont says:

They had the opportunity to sell huge quantities of these new helmets at a
reasonable price…instead they chose to be greedy and ask a stupid
price…i for 1 will not buy 1 now regardless of price

Jefferazzi says:

Cool product, but I agree – really expensive. However they reached their
funding goal in 8 minutes (according to them) so some people coughed up the
dough and wanted it bad enough. It would be nice if it was closer to $600.
Personally I prefer helmets around $100, so Skully is a no-go for me too.


They are fucking insane, geared for rich kids that will get their mommy and
daddy’s to buy it for them. And nobody knows how good they even hold up,
fucking bullshit company as usual. They won’t last long I’m sure.

ewilliamsz2099 says:

It seems like he’s just pissed off he wasn’t chosen as a beta tester.
Source grapes.

Tony NOYB says:

I agree with all he said. OVER PRICED! 

thelaughingman79 says:

that 24,xxxx usd is for 5 of them i looked it up. but right still 1400 is a
bit steeeeeep kinda neat though if a person had enough loose cash they
might sell some.

MIke Rou Sse says:

This is very good post Sammy. One question, how it looks inside? I mean OK
the price is really silly but how looks like?
Thank really

softminimal1 says:

Ahhhh Id pay $1500 for it, thats how much it says on the site link you put
Id say when they get up and running with production it will end up about
And it is gonna be safer because you can see behind you without looking
down at mirrors or gauges.
Not to mention how convenient all the tech in it would be.
There sold out at the moment but Ill definitely grab one.

Marty Girvan says:

$2,000,000 in crowdsource funding. Who is the “Jokester” ?? video biker
blog guy! This is another “I am jealous I didn’t think of it first” rant
that needs to get over it. You have not tested the helmet and you are
knocking it, because of price!!! Too funny, and so typical. A group of
guys decided to innovate and engineer something that can be useful and
people are going to knock it for the price. Think about what it costs for
a Sena or another comparable communicator set, a fog insert or fog visor,
and a tinted visor. My Aria cost me, $900 after taxes, plus a Sena
communicator at $150 and a few visors for $100. For an all in one helmet,
at $1300, its not that much more. Plus my communicator is built in with a
camera and I can switch my visor on the fly. It has a built in processor
that can update firmware and the OS. This is technology being used for the
greater good of improvement. I am sorry to be the one to enlighten all
you whiners, but this is not overpriced. I am sure half of you went out
and upgraded your IPhone 3/4/5 for the new one (6 fat). Well, here is
another upgrade! Is it really needed?? Of course not. But is the idea
innovative and useful?? You bet!! Will I buy one?? Already did. This
company will be around for a long time, with the exception of someone
buying the company for a ridiculous price. Even then, its only a matter of
time before ARAI, Bell, Shoei and others tap into the market. And in all
reality, they should have launched first. Can you say Netflix!! How about
GOPRO…. another company that everyone thought was overpriced, considering
it only costs them $35 to build their cameras and they sell for over 10
times the price. I bought stock in GOPRO at its initial IPO… It paid
for my new Skully and then some. 🙂 

Steven Curnick says:

Go buy a mid range priced helmet, GPS sat nav, Bluetooth head set and mic
connectivity ,Camera, And then tell me the Skully is too expensive , How
much do you expect to pay for new tech? They might as well just give them
away for free yeah?

Ken H says:

If you’re gonna put a video out about something don’t sound like an idiot
doing so.

Ricardo Figueroa says:

Garmin Motorcycle GPS: $600.00 with lifetime updates and traffic
Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet kit $120.00
Dot Approved helmet $100 or MUCH more.
Continuous rearview camera display mounted in the gauge area probably $200.
Heads-up display… I don’t think that would be an option piecemeal

If you can get it all in one bundle and you have the money for it… AND
you have none of the gear already, it MIGHT be an option; HOWEVER, the flaw
in this gizmo looks like the heads-up display will only work when your
shield/visor is in the down position. Try to sell that to a person that
rides on a 90 degree day or that wears a ¾ or ½ helmets.

SilverStackerKid on youtube says:

HHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA! That lip smacking though. XD Good rant though!

shu leh says:

I would hate to have a conversation with you face to face, every sentence
ending with ‘tsk’

Ganesh Raman says:

Hi Sammy – i am assuming you bought their helmet and then came to a
conclusion that its not worth the money spent? I am a rider and from a
concept standpoint i think the helmet is a good innovation. The questions i
had in my mind were more on the helmet build quality, actual user review of
the tech built into the helmet.

But! i do agree 25K USD is ridiculous to ask for – i am assuming they won’t
have a choice but to bring that down or else people like you and me will
admire it as a concept and go buy a regular kick ass helmet for a couple
hundred dollars :)

militar3rd says:

Don’t be so salty. There are people, like myself and many others, that are
more than willing to take part in financing a company like Skully to
jump-start a truly revolutionary item such as this. That’s all there is to
it, if you want to stick with your regular helmet then go for it–no one is
stopping you.

Oh for a good point of reference, ARAI is 750, a good bluetooth Nolan COM
system is 120, a GPS Navigation is around 350, and a good rearview camera
is 200. A unit to integrate everything takes thousands of hours of R&D.

Maybe in a few years, once you quit your job and find a career, you’ll be
able to appreciate something like this.

TheWhytnyte says:

As soon as you made the comment about not hearing back from them about the
beta test you gave yourself away. This whole rant is all about YOU, the
fact that you did not get to be a beta tester. Yes they are expensive, so
was the first microwave, cell phone and VCR, that is the way it is. You
don’t like it wait for another company to come out with a cheaper one.
Simple. So either pony up the cash, or stop whining like a little bitch.

Dracati Ducati says:

Great Rant !!!
They R dumb-da-da-dumb !!!
(^ ^,)
…if I drop it once &…
I’ll just cough up another $1k+,
Oh excuse me…I meant I want the $25,000 Prototype ???

L-M-F-A-O !!!

shaznem says:

Here in Australia, we pay upwards of $1K for a decent helmet already. Add
bluetooth, another $300, so the Skully will most probably attract a lot of
business here, providing it stays under $2,500. Especially considering the
rear vision, integration, no need to add a sat nav externally to your bars,
Also, no need for ear plugs if you’re on a 3,000 km trip and want music.
And HUD is great. Once you have it in a car, you tend to not want to go
without it. But as i said – under $2500 is where it needs to be. 

C Archer says:

I like the ideology behind the helmet and I support the tech. My personal
helmet cost me roughly $450.. Its light, will hold my skull together as my
body slides in a different direction as my head rolls in the opposite
direction, after I slam into a pole.. With that said, I have not been able
to touch the new Skully Helmet so I cant bash on it, But a $1400 price tag
eh.. The Tech inside the helmet is not new tech, Its old tech in a helmet.
(kinda like my iPhone 5s). Anyone with circuit board and electrical
knowledge can do the same to their helmets.. (may not look as good) but you
get the point. So people saying its NEW TECH are wrong. Its just NEW to the
motorcycle community. I’d like to see the safety standards/tests the helmet
went through. because the helmets at walmart are DOT approved, but is the
Skully Snell approved?

Derek Jones says:

I’ll be going to Intermot next week for their Demo. I’ll let you all know
what it’s like and how it feels.

11 Oct: Intermot was crazy I had no idea it was a German holidayon the day
I went, felt like the entire country showed up. The helmet was very
comfortable. I was able to ask Mitch from Skully some questions about the
helmet while I was waiting in line to try it out. The EPS changes shape
slightly depending on how hot or cold it is outside. The vents in the
helmet will get smaller when its cold and larger when its hot. There are
cutouts for people who wear glasses which make wearing glasses while riding
painless. The HUD was a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but it was
explained to me that the position of the HUD was adjustable and it wasn’t
adjusted properly they offered to adjust it for me, but there was such a
long line I passed on the offer. Overall a comfortable, quiet, high-tech
helmet, only time will let if it’s worthe the money after trying it on I
feel much better about spending that much on the pre-order.

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