High Tech Skully Helmet A Google Glass That’s Born To Be Wild

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High Tech Skully Helmet A Google Glass That’s Born To Be Wild

The Skully P1 motorcycle helmet’s heads-up display and integrated tech is far from ready, but it holds the promise to revolutionize both biker lids and consumer-grade heads-up displays.

SAN FRANCISCO — The scariest thing about riding a motorcycle are the cars and trucks. To help riders deal with big, boxy, and often lethal vehicles, the Skully P1 motorcycle helmet sticks a Google Glass-style heads-up display, rear-view camera, and Bluetooth in the helmet. But isn’t that tech more distracting and dangerous?

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Alfred Spice says:

That voice -1

IraqCTR says:

whats with the computer voice? Annoying!

g00gl3it says:

Just got one – order here http://igg.me/at/skully/x/8409102

topdog465rj says:

What is up with the computer animated voice? Are we really that lazy, that
we can’t speak anymore? 

Thomas Bell says:

I can no t wait for this to launch. You should go in front of “Shark Tank”
and see if they’d help with back up costs. 1k -2k i’m buying no matter

Mark Anthony says:

You can’t have something in this space as it takes you outside of the DOT
and ECE 22.05.

Toe- cutter says:

shall we play a game? brrrt….zzzt

E Meia Noite says:

I’m totally going to get one. 

pplloveme1 says:

Cant wait for that helmet

Web Box Tech says:

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