The most innovative computers of CES 2015

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We go hands-on and show off all the notable laptops, hybrids, and desktops of the show.


jbuggieee says:

The dell and Asus laptop is sexy, 

itay tabib says:

theres a gaming laptop with a desktop cpu.. but i guess no one gives a damn

Chuck Silva says:

Tell the gentleman with the tie to take a class on
professionalism…..reallllly annoying….

GM M says:

The name of the computers they talk about in the video?

vexx506 says:

Chrome books are a joke. Not worth one single dollar.

Buy a real computer and you can still do EVERYTHING they can plus much
more, actually your phone with a Bluetooth keyboard can too. Buy an actual
laptop that runs Ubuntu, windows, Mac os, or hell even android. But
chromebooks are just retarded.

ares ballester says:

Most innovative? I’ve seen this kind of laptops in the past2 years. All
they did is upgrade the cpu , screen and narrow down the bezel. Not
innovative at all .

Jerry Fahrni says:

Something for pretty much everyone. The cover some cool machines in this

iTechUOutGuy says:

These are some of the best Laptops and PCs and Hybrids! I still like my HP
Envy though. Its not even a year old. I mean yeah a 15.6 inch screen for a
laptop or tablet is freaking huge! But with all that space on the screen to
work with. It comes in handy with productivity and multitasking abilities. 

ricky estrada says:

i have a 1st gen surface pro and want to upgrade. i don’t now what to get,
a Desktop or Laptop. i want to something thats powerful yet portable. (my
solution : Custom $1000 budget pc and a chromebook :P) any other solutions?
or recommendations 

Colin Lenhard says:

All these laptops are crap… smh
This video is such a lie

aquastarski says:

Does lenovo thinkpad stack able to be used for all type of lenovo ultrabook
or just a spesific product of lenovo? So cool

Ev Erlton says:

chrome book is crap, good to wipe and put Linux on and be a BOSS

Bongo Bobz says:

a 15 inch screen is not a laptop its a hell to carry around, like a

TheRandomguy06 says:

اچیومنٹ کھلا:
استعمال کیا جاتا ہے گوگل ترجمہ

Nanez ferrer says:

i like the last one but overpriced for me
Ill go for surface pro 3 🙂
cuz im an artist 

wmw0702 says:

If the surface Pro 3 is made like that Asus Transformer; I mean no
kickstand, proper keyboard; I’ll be all over it…….

Hadi Wibawa says:

The right guy is too arrogant and selfish to appreciate the left guy. Over
dominating the entire screen time. Not a good team player. 

kazuya kato says:


Arnie Gordon says:

How did they get John Cusack to host he show? Not only a good actor but
very tech savy, wow!


Damn these Chinese companies (Lenovo) are really Innovating the industry!

iykay says:

Well done, guys. I appreciate how difficult it is to do a 20-minute
unscripted show like this in one take. I will be test driving the Dell XPS
13, Lenovo and the Ativ 9.

anonymous says:

How can CES 2015 be coming when there’s only 4 shovels on mars!? 

Nick Newborne says:

This is a bad quality video for you guys to be cnet. I know small you
tubers so has better video quality.

Daniel McKenzie says:

curve screens make a lot more sense on pc’s than they do on TVs

Ricken Dodhia says:

U guys showed off really good ones but missed on the Intel compute
stick… It beats the hp stream desktop one of the most smallest pc 

martinmine says:

Why would anyone want a glossy screen, AT ALL?

Riptide710 says:

So Origin creates a laptop with a full desktop CPU and nobody cares but
when someone makes a Chromebook with a 15″ screen or a magnet keyboard
everyone freaks out?

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