Have Green Thumbs with Garden Tech Unveiled at CES 2015

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ share with you the NEW Gardening Tech products that allow you to have instant green thumbs and grow food even if you never have grown anything in your life before in your home garden indoors or outdoors.

In this episode, John attends the International 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to share with you a handful of tech gadgets that will enable you to keep better tabs on your gardening and connecting your garden to the internet, iphone, android phone, or tablet. These devices utilize state-of-the-art sensor technology so you can converse water, provide exactly the amount of water your plants need, monitor temperature, monitor humidity, soil moisture, water useage, soil fertility, get recommendations and feedback on how to improve your plants and garden. You will discover this and a whole lot more with the garden tech gadgets unveiled at the CES 2015.

In this episode you will learn about:
01:57 The Edyn Garden Sensor – That allows you to have an Internet connected garden. A solar powered sensor that will let you know the light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture. It will also make recommendations on which plants will grow best works with the IOS / iphone app. The Edyn Water Valve utilizes the data from the Edyn Garden Sensor to Water based on the moisture level in the soil and weather forecast. Learn more at:

08:28 Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone – The Netatmo weather station allows you to check the temperature, humidity, wind and rain happening in real time in your garden. This will allow to take appropriate action when required based on the temperature in your garden. The Netatmo has an open API that you can pull the data for your own needs. Furthermore the smart garden hub will utilize the data from the Netatmo to custom tailor water in your garden to the weather in your microclimate. Learn more at:

11:22 Parrot Pot is the World’s first connected smart pot that monitors the moisture, temperature, sunlight and fertilizer that your plant needs and will make recommendations to optimize your plants growth. It can also water your plants automatically when you are on vacation for 30 days or more!

17:17 The Parrot H20 Connected Smart Sensor allows you to monitor the moisture, temperature, sunlight and fertilizer levels in your soil of any pot, plant, or raised bed. It will also allow you to automatically water your plant when your on vacation or not. It will also give you recommendations to optimize the health of your plant based on a database of 8000 plants at present time. With the open API you can pull the data from this device to use in your own applications. The Parrot H20 will send data to the Smart Garden Hub so that it will water the appropriate amount of water your garden needs. Learn more about these products at http://www.parrot.fr

25:55 Smart Garden Hub by GreenIQ offers the Internet Connected Irrigation Timer / Controller and then some… This smart garden hub will use weather data from online sources or the Netatmo weather station as well as internet connected moisture sensors such as the parrot flower power, parrot h2o, or Plant Sensor 2 by Koubachi to water your plants the exact amount of water for your plants to save water and give your plants the exact amount of water your plants require. You can easily program your Smart Garden hub through any internet browser including smart phones, tablets and computers. It is water proof and controls 6 standard 24 volt irrigation water valves. It can also control garden lighting with an optional relay. Software updates are free and pushed automatically to the unit. With the upcoming water meter you will be able to detect leaks and monitor the money you are saving. In addition, with the open API you can program your own apps to do what you need to get done in your garden.
Learn more about the Smart Garden Hub at:

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1jw2 says:

I like this stuff but my garden is my escape from all the technology. 

Adigun Forest says:

Chemtrails are just as much of a danger to plants as pesticides. 

Jesse Stay says:

Bummer – wish I knew you were there. It would have been great to meet you
and I could have gotten you into some influencer events.

The MORNING gardener's SHOW. says:

This is more expensive junk that you really do not need. he has grow a
garden for many years before this device. Now he tells you you need this.

Rafael says:

What about the WiFi radiation on plants? Granted that the transmission on
this is probably sporadic, there are demonstrations where micro greens
can’t grow when placed right next to a WiFi routers. 

Yvonne Hamilton-Williams says:

Thanks for sharing all the new technologies for gardening! Liked how you
showed emotion when you said your plants are your babies. That proves how
passionate you are about growing. Love all of your videos!

JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann) says:

Love this show, John. Thanks for bringing it to us. I can see the great
value of these types of technologies. For someone like me with 175+
containers, the cost might be somewhat prohibitive to fully equip the
garden but using them in several areas of the gardens for info would be
valuable. I do love that you emphasize that NO technology will ever trump

Joe Feser says:

Glad to see you kept my footage in as the troll in the beginning of the
episode, you know, the traffic photo bomb guy :)

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
Adam Shiminski says:

Awsome video. I like how you bring the expo to us so we can check out cool
stuff right from our homes. Your a huge inspiration to me and thousands of
people across the globe. Keep it up!

dertyMlQwerty42N says:

I love CES and I love gardening. As usual, thanks for sharing this as most
of the other sites only cover the gadgets.
Arduino mods with automated watering and garden alerts is the new game,
the censor tech arduino mods are so insanely cool. If you can use a
soldering iron you can automate a garden and make it connected to the web

Pople BackyardFarm says:

Really loved this as a techie and gardener this is awesome! Thank you for
sharing this with those who couldn’t go 🙂 – Ruthie and Clay

Self Sufficient Me says:

Fitness is related to gardening… IMHO. That wifi moisture probe is pretty
cool – I see they’re not selling them just yet (pre-order). I’d love a
Parrot drone for my own videos LOL – an electronic pot with sensors for
nutrients, light, and watering… Jeepers! GreenIQ is a nice looking system
also but I think my garden will stay relatively tech free for now until the
prices come down. 

gernm18 says:

Really cool video. Thanks for sharing. It’s too bad not enough tech
companies getting into gardening. I feel like that says something about
ourselves. You have definitely inspired me. Did you see anything about LED
lights? or a good system? I recently got a LED bulb from taotronics. You
should do a review on it! It was only 29 on amazon. My kale plants really
like it.

California Gardening says:

Thanks for the tour of the new garden products at CES. Some of them look

pesto12601 says:

95% of this stuff will never see its way to market…

Cash Johnston says:

Thanks for bringing all that information to us! It is all cool stuff. I
look forward to your install of that hub. 

Joe Feser says:

At 1:18. In my days CES / Comdex was all about “booth babes”. The hot thing
now is “fitness babes”. They are less offensive to society.

TechExplorer says:

Thanks John , enjoyed the Info.
I hope your doing Okay , you seem emotional at this event !

Marlon says:

8:10, did he nearly cry?

Frank Davalos says:

Hey BrandonB mcpeat I can answer that one for u. Im a fan of john too and
ive seen alot of his videos. John believes in permaculture and that can be
youre best strategy. To keep the weeds down all you do it chop and drop
thats realy famose in the permaculture world. U nned alot of mulch that u
can create by cutting youre plants and putting them in the grownd or call a
lands scape company to give you free mulch to cover all youre ground. Plus
soon all that mulch will turn into rich soil ready for growing season.

ja hy says:

Great video Jon! I was just explaining these same concepts to some friends
so they could get into gardening while maintaining their busy lifestyle.
Now I can direct them to your video! I had thought about these concepts
before I knew they existed and had thought of even incorporating those
little drones to be able to scan my garden and use biometrics to identify
pests then pick them or alert me. It would help with pests while staying

BrandonB McPeak says:

Hey john i know this is not tech related but i have a backyard that is
overtaken by weeds in the summertime im wondering how i would kill them
without using something like roundup or having to pull every single weed
by hand, ive been told to steak down black tarps on my entire yard to
suffocate the plants, which would also kill the grass, but would leave my
ground nice and plantable. would this work, or do you have any other

Candy W says:

John thanks so much for showing the new technology for gardening. If it
helps one person to get back to growing their own food, then it is all
worth it. Hope whatever is going on resolves itself soon. Thanks for all
you do :)

ANTAAM42 says:

LOL at the traffic guy !!

TheItalian Garden says:

That guy who just kept Video Bombing you lol he is so obsessed with the

Reem AlHabib says:

Hi Jhon, its Reem from Saudi Arabia. Im a fan and your my Gardening mentor
Im still waiting for your call as i paid twice through Fiverr but nothing
yet!! plz contact me whenever u can plz as my garden needs a pros help :)

34lespaul says:

What’s interesting is how John is able to know the product, and explain
what the heck the product is in a relatively short period of time.
Regarding these products, no thanks. But I still respect John and
everything he does. Got to admit, he puts in the time, and he’s passionate
about gardening. And most of the improvements I have gotten in the last
two years of watching his vids, are learned from John.

Billy Connelly says:

The sensor is a bunch of bull. You can “sense” the amount of water in your
garden by touching the soil.

rhom5180 says:

i didnt want big brother hacking my garden, dude, no iphone garden
goverment spyhack srkew the tchnology just gno how to gro 

Louaner says:

Can this israhelli corporation resuscitate the olive trees that the
israhelli colons have uprooted and devastated?

Dennis Verdonschot says:

Great show John, these products didn’t get any coverage on my favorite tech
Would like to see a show on your favorite non digital tools.

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