Smartwatch U Watch U8 hands-on review: Control your phone on wrist

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UWatch U8 here:
(The apk has been upgraded, download here:

* If you are iOS users, if you are fretting about your U8 can’t read iPhone’s messages, now we have U8 Plus, which has APP for iOS iPhone, remote notification function supports 5 latest news, solve your problems.*
U8 Plus:

– This is a new Bluetooth Smart U Watch which is compatible with all Bluetooth V2.0 or above enabled smartphones, tablets and PCs (support Android 2.3 or above),such as iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, Sumsung S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 etc.
– 1.48″ Capacitive Touch Screen TFT LCD
– Time / Date / Week / Battery state display
– Ringing reminder when you receive a call
– Ringing reminder once your mobile phone disconnected
– Display the number or name of incoming calls
– Answer or Dial calls from your wrist
– Stopwatch function
– Support hands-free calls, phone book
– Play the music in your phone (after Bluetooth paring)
– Sync SMS/call history(only for android phone)
– Ring reminder when your Android 2.3 or above smart phone receive a message (including Wechat, Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp, Skype,and so on)
– Anti-lost alarm function: When cellphone left watch alarm automatically, after a certain distance to avoid lose the phones
– Remote taking photo function:You can control your cellphone to take photo from your wrist. (only for android phone)
– Altitude Meter,Passometer,Photograph, Barometer, Vibration

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Richard Lewis says:

2:27…….. …two thumbs up.

henchdan1 says:

Is this watch worth buying for someone who wants a half decent smart watch
and not to get ripped off? 

Bindo says:

For those that are struggling with “please install BT Notifier in
smartphone” error message!!

Oliver Hagen says:

Does it have a calculator?

Kass Wilponen says:

This didn’t show me how to solve the problem. I have already un-packaged
and gone through and selected all the various options…showing me how you
selected music and pedometer did NOTHING to help me get my notifier
downloaded and e-mail working. Is there an answer to why, after loading
the notifier app on my phone my watch STILL says, “need to download
notifier app on phone” every time I try to access my text?

Angus Yuen says:

Does it support Whatsapp messages ?

R Kham says:

Вопрос к владельцам данного девайса:
1. звонят я вижу на часах кто звонит но не хочу чтоб через громкую связь
работало на телефоне я могу просто как обычно взять телефон и ответить на
2. при воспроизведении музыки я могу подключить проводную гарнитуру к
телефону и слушать музыку через наушники и при этом переключать треки на

или как только я подключаю часы то это автоматом их переводит в режим
беспроводной гарнитуры со всеми вытекающими?

Kleomar Carneiro says:

Does it work with Endomondo, so I can monitor my pace and heart rate?


This is so fuckin retarded! And every imbecile that uses a so called “smart
watch”… U make a call using the watch but u still have to pick up the
phone in order to use it! Its stupid and useless! Yeah via Bluetooth
earpiece maybe, no! Nobody uses that shit anymore… Bluetooth earpieces
were a failure! Also why the fuck would u use that stupid watch yet still
pick up the the phone to snap a picture? Using 2 things when at the end u
still end up picking up the phone to use it! USELESS PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY! 

Guy A says:

thank you.
do you have apk for android 5.* ?
tank you


hallo just got this for my husband for christmas…everything works great
except inbox for messaging wont load and camera wont load 🙁 is there any
other app i need to download? And i have already read the whole manual.
Please advise i have a samsung galaxy s5 

GuiltyCrown X says:

I bough one from amazon, Luxsure®Bluetooth Smart Watch WristWatch U8. Its
easy to use, bluetooth to smart watch. Listen to music, control camera ect.
Work like a charms. Work wwlk with my note 3. Talk n dial on smart watch.

Mattias Voll says:

Does it work with Sony and can you play smartwatch games?

James amxze says:

I have an iPhone 5. Will I be able to see text content when I receive a

ehabhopi says:

how many metes working with bluetooth?

Katie Harwood says:

Does anyone know how to save the pictures taken with this watch? I can’t
figure out how on mine! 

David Villanueva says:

does this pick up whatsapp messages

praashekh borkar says:

Hello,Had a query. I hear sms messages can be read on this smartwatch but
can we also read the whatsapp messages or facebook notifications that we
get on our phone or does it just ring and notify us of it and we have to
get the phone out to read the whatsapp text?

Anoop S says:

Everything is good ,,,, Great battery backup and super fast charging…..

Thomas Clarke says:

does it work with windows phone

Beqa Agladze says:

I got this smart watch but when i click on camera or messaging its telling
me that i need smart watch program on smartphone please help

HumanaSays says:

Can i mute the watch so it only leaves on the vibration feature, for
in-school use?

Akram Rahim says:

one question : waterproof or not ?

Juan David says:

Hi, I have a problem with my smartwatch. It is not saving my photos. It
take photo but it doesnt save. Do you help me?

Ryanlf999 says:

Think this would work with my ipod 5?

Anoop S says:

How to mute the watch when talking through phone… The speaker phone is
always on..

KinGIIRomE says:

Does the work for the Galaxy s5?

G Snake Charmer says:

this stupid review doesn’t answer any of my question, or the people who
commented below me….. worst review bs ever

ak86210 says:

To use the u8 watch its not BT notifier its bluetoothnotice by yan cunquin
in the play store. BT notifier is for the pro version only. I had trouble
and just found out.

Ramesh Bishwokarma says:

i have this smart watch and accidentally i broke the front glass, so i can
change this glass in the market or no ?

Michal Porożyński says:

Can I surf on the Internet on it if my telephone has a wifi connection?

Freddy Dantuma says:

Can someone tell me why i cannot acces my camera on my GalaxyS4 with the U8
I need to install somekind of app or what am I doing wrong? 

aerajj48459 says:

How do the camera and messaging work on that watch? I downloaded the
Bluetooth notifier app created by ZulixSoft as the watch said. It does not
work in the watch. Can you help me out? I do not have instruction manuel
comes with the watch so I am a kinda lost here. Thanks.

robert powers says:

Bought the smart watch for myself. Will not boot up. blank screen. manual
said to charge watch. its been on charge for 3 days. nothing. why would I
need to pry the back off ? any thoughts 

robleftca says:

Got this watch but it all metric messures. I don’t know Cm or kilo weights.
Is there a way to change to the american settings? If not this smart watch
has just become a watch.

Jahdiel Herrera says:

I have connected my watch to my phone but i only can do calls and listen to
music. It asked me to download an app to use text or use the camera. I
downloaded but it doesnt work. I have a samsung galaxy s4

Yvonne Luk says:

will this work with Iphone 6? with the IOS8? want to get one for my partner

John Torreverde says:

How do you download this for iPhone 5c . When I ordered this , it said it’s
also for iPhones of all kind but how do you download it ?

Ahmed Aqeel says:

does it have Arabic language? because on the website it says it has Arabic,
but when i watched your video i saw only English and chines!!

Christina Rodriguez says:

I bought this for my boyfriend. He has a galaxy note 3 and the watch keeps
disconnecting from the bluetooth connection. Please advise!

sowhith reddy says:

sir iam not able to connect my watch to any of my phones
what should i do to connect it.
it always says incorrect pin

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