MetaPro Space Glasses. Like Google Glass on Crack!

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If you thought Google Glass was cool. wait until you see THIS! GoogleGlass says what? \r
Okay, lets just get down to the nitty gritty. You like tech. I like tech. you want a personal Jarvis like Iron Man. I want a personal Jarvis and I want to be Iron Man. and we both want things now. So heres the deal. Youve all heard of Google Glass right? The next wave of technology. The biggest thing since the iphone. But the question is. is wearable technology here to stay? Some say yes, some say no. After seeing what Im about to show you however. Im going with a HELL yes! \r
This. is Metas SpaceGlasses.\r
This is like google glass on crack. Not only that, but its going to look better too? \r
This is what you get:\r
• The fastest wearable computer on the planet — think 5-10 times faster than your current iPhone.\r
• Stylish Ray Ban look.\r
• 15 times the screen area of google glass\r
• Its in true 3-D display, not 2-D. Youve got fingers? Guess what, stick them in front of your face and your fingers become virtual instruments to do whatever you want inside this virtual world.\r
• 3D surround sound\r
• A 9-axis motion unit with accelerometer, gyroscope and compass\r
• Intel i5 CPU\r
• 128 GB of storage\r
• Blu-tooth, WiFi, \r
• a virtual phone you can take with you everywhere and change the screen size if you like to suit your needs. Make it as big as your table if you like.\r
• My personal favorite, A virtual Laptop and tablet. Which turns your laptop into a hologram that you can place anywhere. In the bathtub, in the pool, above you, below you, suspended in air, wherever the hell you like. And you can work with unlimited screens. \r
• For you creators out theres also ZeroUI that allows you to shape objects using your hands and bring them to life through 3D printing. Want a beer mug, shape a beer mug and print it off. Want a brick you can throw at your TV because your team is losing, shape a brick and print it off. The possibilities are endless. That brick joke was for all of you Auburn Tiger fans.\r
• Oh. and theyre great for blocking the suns rays from your eyes.\r
So with all of this kick ass stuff there has to be SOME sort of draw back right? Well there is. Its going to weigh a lot more than googleglass will. It currently has about 4 hours of battery life — which presumably will get better down the line, and will cost you about $3650. Now that $3650 price tag isnt all that bad when you think about it. Youre basically buying a computer. And with already more than 500 apps at its disposal Metas spaceglasses are going to make one hell of a market entry. Look for a release to the general public around June of this year (UPDATE: January new). And if youre in the market right now, you can go to their website at and pre-order a pair right now ()! \r
So what do you guys think? \r
Will you be buying the MetaPro spaceglasses?\r
Are they better than googleGlass?\r
Or is this too much too soon and no one will give a rats ass? \r
I say. bring it on baby. Bring it on! \r
Oh and Meta, if you want to send me a pair of glasses, Ill take them for a ride and test them for you. Just saying.\r
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Until next time, Im Scott Tomasso. Now go tech yourself before you wreck yourself. \r
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