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The Music Transmitter for iPhone…. This amazing device from allow you to connect your new phone to your older car radio without Bluetooth or an AUX input.

It also provides handsfree feature that allow you to have phone conversation thru your car radio. It doesn’t matter what you drive, even if you drive an old vw bug, or a classic 68 mustang. if it has a radio, it will work.

Unlike the traditional fm transmitters which you plugin the cigarette lighter charger, these are staticky at best, the music transmitter is wireless, so you can use it from car to car or from car to home. You can use it anywhere there is a radio.

Here I am going to show you how easy it is to connect your new iPhone to your older car radio without Bluetooth or Aux input.

How to play music from iPad thru older car radio

You can now play iPad / iPad mini music thru Older car factory stereo without Bluetooth or Aux input . This simple device will allow you to connect iPad to old car radio thru the fm frequency without messy cables.

Simply plug gizmo guy gadget and set the car radio to 87.9 FM and you are ready to listen to music, podcast or news from your iPad thru your old car stereo.

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Play Iphone 7 music thru old car radios

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Integrating iPhone 7 to old car factory radio

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