Best Dual USB Charger For Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android Devices

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Close Presenting the First in Our New Line of FLOWzzz Cool Tools! The FLOWzzz Dual USB Wall Charger with Swivel Plug. Our job here at FLOWzzz is to keep you feeling good! Whenever you buy one of our products we want you to feel that your life simply got easier in some little way. Because Life is tough enough as it is … So when the little things come together it simply feels better.

FLOWzzz has partnered with Amazon with the launch of the first in its brand-new line of “Cool Tools”. The FLOWzzz Dual USB Charger is available now on Amazon. Consumers will have access to Amazon’s renowned customer service and fast shipping. We very carefully select each item making certain that our production and design is of the greatest quality. So that you will have assurance each time you acquire one of our products


• We Offer Advanced Circuit Design That Monitors Over Heating, Over Current And Stops Over Charging. Charging Will Automatically Stop When The Battery Is Full Giving You The Peace Of Mind That Your Devices Are Safe And Secure.

• This Multiple Charger Has Exceptional Production Quality, Is Lightweight, Compact And Has A Streamlined Design. You Can Charge 2 Devices At The Same Time, Its Great For Home, Workplace & Travel.

• This Double USB Charger Has A Soft Dimming Blue LED Indicator Light, Without Harsh Glare During The Night! 100-240 V, 2.1 A 5V / 50-60 HZ 10 W Guarantees That Your Device Gets Enough Power In The Shortest Possible Time

• Our Brand-new USB Charger Is Suitable For Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Motorolla, HTC, LG, Kindles, Digital Cameras,GPS & More …

FLOWzzz Multi USB Charger is the “Perfect Selection” Offered On Amazon Now. Life Just Gets Easier When It FLOWzzz!


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