The Looxcie cam shoots up to 480p VGA quality video, and is worn like a Bluetooth headset. It can connect to Android Phones, the iPhone and iPad via the LooxcieMoments and LooxcieCam apps. It’s designed [More] reviews wearable cameras and gives advice and tips on selecting the best wearable camera for your needs. The website also covers the latest wearable camera news, gossip and product launches. If you are interested [More]
We propose a new method for motion estimation using a single wearable camera.
Quick collection of sample clips from the new Vievu2 wearable camera. I supported this on indiegogo, just received it last week. The iOS app is not out yet so this is not a full review.
手のひらサイズでFull HD 1080P対応のウェアラブルビデオカメラ(アクションカメラ)CONTOUR ROAMの徹底動画レビューです。 この動画ではCONTOUR ROAM本体の使い方や機能などを徹底的に紹介しています。 実際にCONTOUR ROAMを使用して撮影した動画は別に公開していますので下記のYouTube動画のリンクからどうぞ。 CONTOUR ROAM 撮影テスト ブログの連動記事はこちら ○ チャンネル登録で最新情報Get! ○ チャンネル登録で動画が公開されたら直ぐに連絡 公開直後は広告がないので早めの視聴でスッキリ プレゼント企画などもやっていますので是非登録を! ○ もっともっと! Laineema ○ PC関連やデジモノのレビューブログ Laineema デジタルハードウェア徹底レビュー エアガン関連がメインのブログ GUN DOLL エアガンとドールとサブカルと [Laineema別館] 更新情報はtwitterで!連絡なども受けています [More]
One of the latest inventions in the world of gadgets that are suitable for wear is Nixie. It’s a camera that can be worn on a person’s wrist but the device does far more than [More]
Yelena describes Nixie flying and wearable camera that won Intel’s $500,000 wearable contest prize For more information – check out
Panasonic shows their 4K wearable camera that attaches to your head. The wearable camera is waterproof at 6 feet and dust resistant. Panasonic HX-A100 is the 1080p version of the camera available now for 199 [More]
Play life in the 3rd person with the all new Razer Eidolon — The World’s First Wearable Drone System and UAV 3rd-Person Camera. Learn more here: Do you want to be a tester for [More]
2014 07 24 Sopot, Poland: Sopot beach nearby Sopot pier. Recorded by wearable HD but wide angle camera. 2014 07 24 Sopot, Polska: Plaża w Sopocie w pobliżu molo. Nagranie kamerą noszącą, HD ale szeroki [More]
I review my new Midland HD wearable 720P camera and make a short Monster Marble Mountain Uphill Challenge Trailer!
Pivothead sent us a sample of their new wearable video camera eyewear. Watch as techcitement takes it for a quick spin and a closer look. See more at:
neurocam wearable camera reads your brainwaves and records what interests you ( 23/10/2013 Human Sensing 2013 Brain wave meter visualizes levels of desire, concentration, sleepiness and stress #DigInfo Dentsu ScienceJam neurocam DigInfo [More] The Nixie is a drone you wear as a bracelet. Once you launch it, it flies off, snaps a picture with its built-in camera and flies back to you in boomerang fashion. Co-founder Christoph [More]
Watch this video to see Nixie demo shown at CES 2015. Nixie was the first-place winner of Intel’s 2014 Make it Wearable challenge, a worldwide competition to encourage inventors to create innovative wearables using Intel’s [More]
Narrative’s Clip wearable camera takes a photo of what you’re facing every 30 seconds, and then curates the best for its smartphone app. Full review at