The Ice Cave demo and visual effects for Mali GPU based Mobile devices (GDC 2015)
Das Auto mit der Uhr bedienen wie James Bond – ein Traum der endlich wahr wird, neuen Smartwatches sei Dank. Auf dem Barcelona Mobile World Congress spielen tragbare Gadgets eine Hauptrolle.
Flip Phone – The future of smart mobile devices
Op afstand bedienbare voertuigen, smartwatches en camera’s met 20 megapixels op een smartphone. Dit zijn slechts een paar van de hoogtepunten van het Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. reviews the mobile app Grocery Gadget Shopping List by Flixoft, Inc. Grocery Gadget is an app that helps you easily organize grocery lists, coupons and recipes on a FREE web portal as well as [More]
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Heron® is a wearable mobile surveying system for indoor/outdoor applications, based on an innovative technology patented by the laboratories of the European …
Visit : Mad Catz F.R.E.Q.M Wireless Mobile Gaming Headset for PC Mac and Smart Devices CSR-licensed aptX codec support provides CD-quality wireless audio indistinguishable from wired Automatically routes audio between two paired devices [More]
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CES 2015 Trip: Celluon Pico Pro Laser Projector for Mobile Devices
Kaufen von : simvalley MOBILE Smartuhr HandyUhr Smartwatch für iOS Android mit Bluetooth Produktbeschreibung : Vollwertiges Telefon mit Nano-SIM-Slot Herzfrequenz-Messung und weitere Fitness-Funktionen Push-Nachrichten vom Smartphone E-Mail SMS WhatsApp Co Für Android- und [More]
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Ever since weve seen them in films and cartoons, weve always wanted a sophisticated gadget on our wrist in the guise of a watch. Recent advancements have given us some health monitoring bracelets, and some [More]
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