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While Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is still a ways off from the consumer market, the computing giant looks like its developing new ways to interact with augmented reality. On August 22, Microsoft published a new patent [More]
All-day heart rate tracking, UV sensors, downloadable workouts, sleep analysis, plus weather, Twitter, Facebook, and Starbucks: and it works on Windows, Android and iOS. Pretty impressive, Microsoft.
An Android Wear keyboard for smartwatches, by Microsoft.
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New info has come to light about the new Google watches. Microsoft Germany wants businesses to stop using Windows 7 soon. All this plus AMD is giving away a Vega GPU early and more on [More]
http://nzn.me/a64720 iPhone 6 dobra e causa queimadura de 2º grau na perna de empresário …
In addition to announcing its latest Windows 10 operating system, this week tech giant Microsoft also unveiled HoloLens, a wearable device that allows users to watch television without a television, play video games without a [More]
Prototipo di tastiera realizzata da Microsoft Research per orologi hi-tech.
Le HTC One M9 entièrement dévoilé une semaine avant son annonce. Des notification iOS sur une smartwatch Android Wear. People Sense, pour retrouver ses amis Windows Phone. Peut-on brancher un disque dur externe sur un [More]
Just ahead of its Build conference, Microsoft launched a site revealing “Windows on Devices.” The site was taken down soon after launch.