An Android Wear app that allows you to control your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer using your Android Wear smart watch. Control slide show presentations, Netflix, Music, and more!\r\rDownload:
The Smart Remote is an intuitive and simple solution to controlling all the smart devices in the modern home.
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El nuevo mando a distancia de Samsung para sus gafas Gear VR tiene botones para jugar mejor con la realidad virtual.
Car Control on Android Wear Smart Watch
Wearable Gesture Control – MYO
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The Moff Band connects to the Pac-Man iPad app over Bluetooth. The Band’s built-in accelerometer and gyro sensors track your arm’s movements. The wearable is designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for children, [More]
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Google updated its Google Camera app Wednesday to add support for Android Wear.This means that you can use your smartwatch — such as the LG G Watch for Samsung Gear Live — as a remote [More]
Fin sends gesture commands to a range of bluetooth-enabled devices, effectively turning your hand into the remote.
Preorder at Supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.