Review of the Smartwatch Watchphone ZGPAX S28: Test, Benchmark, and Specifications – ElectroFame

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This video reviews the Smartwatch ZGPAX S28. This is a smartwatch and a watchphone at the same time. why? because you can use as a simple smartwatch and synchronise it with your android smartphone or your iphone, but you can also use it as a watchphone because it has a sim card slot. You can also insert a sd card up to 32GB inside for more storage. However, if you want to fully use the Bluetooth synchronisation, you will have to download an app into your smartphone (only for Android OS). Have a look at the Smartwatch ZGPAX S28 to really see all what is possible with it!
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ElectroFame says:

Hello +Tyler Lavigne , You do not need a sim card to pair it to your phone.
and to be honest what’s the point to have a smartwatch notifying you you
have a phone call if you cannot talk directly through the smartwatch, in
this case better have a little bluetooth notification bracelet and not
that. So yes you can talk directly through the watch, you can pair it and
fully use it with the android apk already in the smartwatch that you will
have to download into your phone. Let us know if you have any additional
question. For your concern, we also have the right to take some holidays
and I hope you could understand the fact that we do not answer right away
in this celebration period. Thank you for your understanding.

ElectroFame says:

Hello +Leonel Benjamin Ramìrez Luis , the sim card is not a requirement,
you can use this smartwatch only by pairing it to your smartphone, no
problem at all. Let us know if you have any additional question.

ElectroFame says:

Hello @Ekisaito S a lot of functions are not working with a windows phone

ElectroFame says:

Hello +Edwin Pichler , Thank you for appreciating our video. The only skins
available are not numerous unfortunately so you will have just a few clocks
to play around as displayed on the video.
Let us know if you have any additional question.

ElectroFame says:

Hello @Lleyton Franks You can use this smartwatch as a standalone phone
because it has a sim card inside, so no need to connect it to your
smartphone if you do not want.

Junior Oliveira says:

Someone knows hot can I update the system?
I don’t like analogic wotch, and when I press the home button it show me an
analogic watch, and after I touch the screen, it show me the digital clock,
with date… Someone can help me to switch of that analogic clock screen?
… How can I change it? To digital clock? Thanks

Raw Food Justin says:

Can the watch store the music and still play it without the phone nearby.
So if I go for a run and leave the phone at my house can I still play the

Ky Dan says:

I have a question can use use this is a normal cell phone or does it only
work with pairing to your phone through bluetooth for i dont understand why
it says sim card and than only use for bluetooth

Marco Maltese says:

Can you answer a phone call or place a phone call and talk to the watch

Darryl Moering says:

Does this watch have iOS support?

Edwin Pichler says:

Nice Video – I have a quest:
Is it possible to change the skin of the analog clock?

Fudi Eko says:

Where can i buy this in Indonesia? 

Juvenal Mena says:

Hi, i havent been able to sync the apps for messaging. It keeps asking to
install bt notifier (wich is installed already). Ive only been able to use
the call and media features so far. Any ideas on how to make it work?

Finn_D123 says:

Would you recommended the smart watch? If not this one any others in the
price range? 

kokanchai wei says:

I am just curios
Do this smart watch It will transcribe your word as you speak into text

Carlos Velosa says:

With this smartwatch i can see pdf files? I can make zoom in jpg pictures
to see some details beter? Thanks

Mike Ryshkov says:

Yo man nice review but one question im getting the same modle watch but its
by sonya gsm m6 … idk if u revied a watch like this but will it have a
sim card slot an a tf slot ? Im ordering it from amazon … the gold

Davor Hren says:

I have buyed this watch. What app I need for windows phone to sync it?

Harold Dos Angeles says:

Hello, j’ai enfin reçu la S28 et je dois dire qu’elle est pas mal du tout
pour son prix ^^ , cependant je ne parviens pas à trouver l’application
scannant le qr code j’obtiens une page totalement blanche, refresh la page
n’y fait rien et j’ai également cherché sur internet l’apk moi-même, sans
succès, j’en ai testé d’autres aussi mais il semble que seule celle
recommandée soit indispensable.

Yoni Naim says:

Hi i need your help, push notification on s28 not work from my lollipop lg
What i need to do?

Tyler Lavigne says:

i dont have a SIM card… can i stillpair it tomy phone and talk thru the
watch directly for phone calls, or do i have to talk thru the phone

Andrew Nelson says:

Do you need a smartphone?

Ekisaito S says:

can you use a windows phone for the watch?

Adrián Barcojo says:

Is it compatible with Bluetooth headsets?

Regena Rodriguez says:

When i call someone or someone calls me they hear themselves echoing. On my
end everything is clear can this be fixed. Also you can change the start up
screen and shut down screen if you have an sd card with pictures on it. It
gives you an option to also change the wallpaper but it must be a certain
size or format havent figured it out yet. 

Tony Constance says:

Question: can you browse the we with a bluetooth connection? or is that
only possible when it is used as a standalone phone?

Lleyton Franks says:

Hello, sorry if I’ve missed it. But can you use this watchphone as a solo
standalone phone, with not need for an iPhone or android connected to it?

Maksim Donchev says:

I bought ZGPAX SW3 and I followed your instructions and It works perfectly
well with my Samsung Galaxy S5

nachetereteIDps3 says:

Can you reed your whatsapp notification in the smart watch?

mohdzidane35 says:

It works if it didn’t connect to phone?I consider to buy this phone watch

Harold Dos Angeles says:

Is it possiible to change the background? For example with a picture which
is on the phone or any else? Also which phone brand did you use? Cause I’d
be interested in buying a Doogee which is looking like a S4, the bluetooth
is standard so it might work right?

Gunzee says:

Any issue pairing with nexus 5?

Julia Florian says:

Hello! Can i use “WhatsApp”with this watch? Did the watch shows the
massage? Thank you for the answer!

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