OLED Bluetooth 3.0 Bracelet Smartwatch Full Review!

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This is my Full Review of the “Smart Design OLED Bluetooth 3.0 Bracelet Watch with Call ID Display / Answer / Dial / SMS Sync / Anti-lost / Music Player for Samsung / HTC / Blackberry / etc – L12S”


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Mrwhosetheboss says:

Works on all Android devices, What do you guys think?

Mike Meredith says:

OLED Bluetooth 3.0 Bracelet Smartwatch Full Revie…:

Israel Cuesta Nares says:

does this bracelet has an app to receive whassapp alerts for android phones
(Sony Xperia Z)?

Rory Hall says:

I’m getting a phone watch thing for my IPhone 5s. Is this the best one?
Would you recommend it?

lekkajonk0 says:

The interface reminds me of a old Nokia phone…

Darknal Bailey says:

is tht thing cancerous?

Aaron Wilson says:

What is the song called at the start? Please tell me someone

Ameerun Nessa says:

The tempered glass screen protector doesn’t really leave any bubbles, it’s
the plastic normal screen protectors that always does. I actually recommend
everyone to buy the tempered glass because it’s actually easy to apply (no
need to turn the showers on lol) and it looks more beautiful since no
scratch goes on the tempered glass even with a blade or keys. Only downside
of the tempered glass is that’s it’s small than the actual size but it’s
worth the purchase. 

Micha Lipka says:

Hi, would yo please be so kind to tell me, if it is needed to take the
“mobilephone with you” while JOGGING to do TRACKING or take all steps?? Or
is it only needed to contact via BLOOTOTH after activities?
Thx for answering and video, best regards.

Sam Hart says:

^Thanks; i was looking to buy one, but after this video; i can really see
that the display is kind of small and it’s not in color. I can’t be driving
and have to fight to see the display. Thanks

DCI Luther says:

+Mrwhosetheboss I have been looking at amcouple of these how is this with
bike riding?

Filip Novakovic says:

I think that this bracelet is better than my gear fit! Maybe I will upgrade
because it doesn’t need an app. I have a windows phone so I always have to
connect to my broters g pro 2 to do this or that. Great review!

Pharmit24 says:

Dada Ji? Are you a Punjabi? :D

Haytam Charaf says:

This watch works on IOS too

Benjamin Huynh says:

Is it water proof and is there a link where I can buy this 

Karan Chaphekar says:

that message function, for kinky people.

steve mcmillan says:

O_O how did i not know about this

Kathryn Palmisano says:

does this watch have a sleep monitor

Ayodeji Alonge says:

i cant believe i bought it man. The pictures are deceiving

xJaysGamesx says:

I might get a type of smart watch for Christmas, dunno why but they look
cool :P

Mr.Murkful says:

That thing looks sexy 🙂
Great review 🙂 

7xDrach1 says:

can it control music, playing on smartfone? pause,stop, volume, next track?

iAgent says:

Good Video !;)

Mike Meredith says:

Seems pretty cool. Although very limited so was the cell phone when it
started out and look where it is now! I cant wait to see what the future
holds in store for this technology.

JaapW says:

Thank you for this review. I’m interested in the Bluetooth music streaming
function (from Phone to Watch). You state it doesn’t work. Sure? In one of
the product videos the song Ordinary World is played, sure somehow it
should be able to work? Any other reports?

My intented usage is also on the bike.

HORGIfan03 says:

This video did not come up in my subbox?

132shredder says:

It doesn’t look that great

ByteMe TJ says:

Stupid question – how does it perform (if at all) as a watch?

Whytech01 says:

Pretty good for the price

Andy Ajubi says:

is that the standard g3 lockscreen? or a custom one?

Hassan Asif says:

It looks great however my arms are ridiculously thin so it probably
wouldn’t fit. P.s could I connect this watch to my s4 +mr whosetheboss

aLaNiSsAk320 says:

i want to get one

Tristan Mohammed says:

Hey there could you please do a giveaway of the UE boom

Adam Beardall says:

looks nice, just a bit too bulky for me, and I can’t stand things on my

Sid Spong says:

Looks good – available in different colours

Brandon Matsumoto says:

seems legit for 30 dollars, nice job man.

Joseph Samsor says:

Can you take calls on it?

Cowgers123 says:

christmas prezzie pleaase

jamie-lee hunt says:

great for price range but not so smart

cpbdogs says:

Dang. I was gonna get one. But it’s only that tiny little screen! Still
super cool for the price! Nice review

olav blikra says:

Sry first

Hassan Asif says:

Soz my spelling look below +mr whosetheboss

Cowgers123 says:

Very nice 

peter john says:

They have to improve the screen 

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