Samsung demos its newest smartwatch, the Gear S, at IFA in Berlin, Germany. The device boasts a two-inch Super AMOLED display and built-in 3G SIM card and Wi-Fi support.
Full Version – What do old people think of smartwatches? – Father’s Day 2015
Citizen, one of the largest and smartest watch producers in the world have added in their kitty some smartwatches that are not only precise in keeping time but also more. By watching this video, you [More]
Ottenere da : Jakcom WE2 Wearable Delle Cuffie Auricolari Bluetooth 2017 Space Grey Descrizione del prodotto : Struttura portatile Decorativo intorno al collo o intorno al polso Classico colore di colore di iPhoneHi-Fi [More]
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A wearable monitoring system for sleeper
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UNIQLO Active & Comfort Wear TVCM 2015 (Novak Djokovic)
Best smartwatches you can buy in 2017 _ HOK Smart Watch DZ09
Its sensors read your pulse and then relay a tactile beat that can either speed it up or slow it down.
How to wear the Creatinator and the Brain Crane as costume pieces!\r(This does not work with any other powerups, they have all been tested already :p)\r\rCredit for this glitch: \rFattyMcIntosh \rHellFire2345 \r\rAimperial28 was there too\r\rFollow [More]
Ars Technica’s Valentina Palladino demos the InBody Band fitness device and Body Key, its companion app for iOS and Android. Read the article: