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Today’s Topic: We talk about Google’s new Contact Lens and its relation to the current state or wearble tech. Today’s Review: We review Logitech’s t630 Bluetooth Ultrathin Touch Mouse – http://goo.gl/ecfFJR *************** Please Visit our [More]
Ceramah Mamah Dedeh Terbaru TREND PERCERAIAN VIA GADGET 27 November 2015
Wearable technology is in an interesting space right now: The market has never been more flush, but there’s still head-scratching abound as to practical uses for wearables.
Presentazione di Silvio Cioni I am a living interface: dallo smartphone al wearable computer durante la prima giornata digital for creativity svoltasi il 9 Maggio 2013 a Torino
EXOS 쇼타임 12회 레이&찬열의 HAPPY 버전 RAY&CHAN-YEOL HAPPY version ep.12 幸せなバージョン.
TechCrunch stopped by the Garmin Smartwatch booth for a demo of their ‘Best of CES’ wearable device. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: http://bit.ly/18J0X2e TechCrunch TV is streaming live from the CES show floor all week, covering [More]
CAM:stat is a wearable Contraction Activity Monitor that works with a smart device. The wearable technology fits comfortably around your abdomen and through its built-in sensors will safely track and monitor labor contractions in real-time. [More]
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