SMA-09 SmartWatch Review – Best Buy for $40 ?\r\rin this video i have reviewed the SMA-09 Smartwatch which costs just 40$ and has different functionalities and lets see if it is the best for the [More]
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What should you buy? What should you keep in mind? CNET wearable editor Scott Stein discusses what’s the best and what to look for in smartwatches and fitness trackers.
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neurocam wearable camera reads your brainwaves and records what interests you ( 23/10/2013 Human Sensing 2013 Brain wave meter visualizes levels of desire, concentration, sleepiness and stress #DigInfo Dentsu ScienceJam neurocam DigInfo [More]
Nixie Wearable Drone Nixie was the winner of a Intel Wearable Competition, they took home the big prize and are ready to show off their wrist worn drone will fly out, take a photo [More]