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Take a look at some of the newest wearable technology on the show floor at CES 2015.
Leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has launched the Redmi Y1 which is no different from the performance centric devices launched by the brand. However, Xiaomi wants to match up to its competitors in India who [More]
Our Website: The mission of Noonee was to help decrease staff member absences and demolish ergonomically-incorrect stances in the office. By creating the Wearable Chair, they have made it feasible for workers to keep [More]
Happy Monday, everybody! So according to the New York Times, Apple is looking at creating an iWatch. But is this really worth getting excited about? Let’s take a look at why we shouldn’t be particularly [More]
Make It Wearable Finalists – Meet Team BabyBe
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How the Apple Watch compares to the best rival smartwatches on the market
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Samsung vs LG 4K TVs Samsung and LG are the biggest TV brands out there and they both want to dominate the emerging market for 4K TVs. At the Las Vegas tech show, televisions with [More]
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