GoPro + head mount are one of the greatest inventions of our time.
Wearable Camera Maker GoPro Files To Go Public GoPro, which makes wearable sports cameras and accessories, filed with US regulators on Monday to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering of common [More]
Unboxing e prime impressioni dello Xiaomi Mi Band, uno dei wearable disponibili oggi di tipo entry-level, per provare quali sono i vantaggi derivanti dall’utilizzo di dispositivi di questo tipo. Seguimi sui social: Google+ Facebook Twitter
Xiaomi Mi Band è un wearable economico e con un ottima durata della batteria. Viene venduto a circa 15/20€ sul mercato asiatico e importata in Italia intorno ai 30/40€ a seconda della spedizione. Un prezzo [More]
The BuzzClip is a small and discreet wearable device that helps the visually impaired navigate the world around them. Support our campaign! In exchange we offer great rewards allowing our backers to empower blind communities [More]
OpenBionics and the 3D printed robotic arm at Wearable Technology Show 2015 Incoming search terms:image6j2
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The biggest gadget trade show in the Americas wrapped up on Friday in Las Vegas after swamping the city with 150,000 attendees. This year, “wearable” computing was big, along with various 3-D technologies, especially 3-D [More]
Wearables At Work: Hello Big Brother? Music Credit: Minority Reprot News intro music – Cyberwave Orchestra – Emperor (Modern Epic Orchestra) by Cyberwave Orchestra Visit them on YouTub Outro music: Beat Timed Grime by [More]
Weave: Scripting Cross-Device Wearable Interaction
Jon R is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! On this episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon tackles the most burning questions in the world of tech including [More]
Though human augmentation may sound like something out of a summer sci-fi blockbuster, that reality is already present.As wearable technologies take off in popularity, more and more startups, Kickstarter campaigns and legacy tech companies are [More]