Make your own Google Glass-like wearable video display with a Raspberry Pi If you missed your chance to buy a Google Glass, try this project. You can hack this wearable video display to make your [More]
The Recon Jet is a stand-alone portable computing platform that uses a small high definition display to relay information from running applications to the wearer. Onboard the eyewear is a 1 GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 [More]
(April 1, 2011) Thad Starner reviews the greatest hits of wearable computing and describes an unusual and surprising application currently being explored at Georgia Tech, where Starner is an Associate Professor in the School of [More]
Yesterday, Sony expanded its wearable computer lineup with the launch of a new smart watch. Though no price is currently set for the new device, the previous model retailed at one-hundred-and-fifty dollars, so consumers can [More]
The Meta wearable computer is a true wearable augmented reality interface. This next generation computer system is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. – A new device called OrCam could be life changing for the visually impaired. The tiny wearable computer uses audio feedback to relay visual information that they can not see, enabling them to take [More]
Learn how the WT4090 Wearable Computer from Motorola can boost your productivity and efficiency. This rugged device will allow you to achieve maximum error-proof productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy through voice compatibility for streamlined warehouse [More]
Lead Anchor: Mike Elgan For the holidays we’ll be looking at five of the biggest and most controversial stories of the year, Today we are talking about wearable computing with Bill Fernandez, Andy Ihnatko, Cecilia Abadie, [More]
build a battery pack for your wearable computer
A new input solution is necessary to control a glass-type wearable computer. The well-known voice recognition solution is vulnerable to circumstance noise. To resolve this inconvenience and protect privacy, Macron suggests a gesture recognition input [More]
Happy Monday, everybody! So according to the New York Times, Apple is looking at creating an iWatch. But is this really worth getting excited about? Let’s take a look at why we shouldn’t be particularly [More]
A new wearable computer and operating system use gestures and facial recognition to provide a unqiue and immersive experience.
Thesis Project “Italian Polka”, Interactive MIDI Programing / Music Visualization / Wearable Computer Design for Performing Art. Premiere in UT Austin USA 2014.
Check out this wearable computer! It’s a 17″ or 20″ large touch screen that you can carry around, can be used for advertising purposes, communicating information to many people at conferences and other things like [More]
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Dec. 20 – South Korean scientists say they have developed flexible memory technology that could support bendable computer platforms for e-books and cell phones. Previous attempts have been hampered by cell-to-cell interference, but now researchers [More]
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