Couples fighting is natural occurence, and the important thing is you have the tools to actually communicate how you feel. Or, you could just use your smartwatch to track your moods and body so it [More]
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In this video, We will show you our top 5 best Smartwatches in 2015, This video is for who want to buy the best smartwatches with high quality, smooth and beautiful! _______________________________________________________________ ♥ Please Like, [More]
Most of us have had those moments where we want to snap a photo, take a video or record sound, but miss it because we didn’t get to our phone fast enough. Luckily, there are [More]
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This cool gadget will revolutionize the way we will use our smart phones for ever, to check it out goto or read our review on it goto
The new Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the simplest wearables yet. But with a 30-day battery (stand-by), water resistance, and an ultra-cheap price, it may be one of the best wearables yet! Thanks for [More]
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TomTom chips in with the Golfer 2, a GPS-enabled wearable with course maps and automatic swing detection.
This video reviews the Smartwatch ZGPAX S28. This is a smartwatch and a watchphone at the same time. why? because you can use as a simple smartwatch and synchronise it with your android smartphone or [More]
Here’s a quick look at Ricoh Theta 360 degree camera at CES 2015.
A Wearable Exoskeleton for Power Augmentation and Robotic Rehabilitation Tasks
The 3rd nixie clock I built, in 2004. It was a birthday present for one of my brothers. It was my 1st transition to AVR (mega8). I had previously used 8051 variants. The nixie tubes [More]